Karlien Balt Neurofeedback
Normalize and Optimize Brain Function

What to expect

  • All new clients need to first make an appointment to do an analysis. The data is then processed. This takes about 3-5 working days. Please download the INFORMATION AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR FIRST ASSESSMENT document here. You can also complete the ADULT QUESTIONAIRE or CHILD QUESTIONAIRE before your first appointment and either email it back or please bring it along. Please read through our WELCOME document for additional information including prices for training.
  • A follow up appointment is then scheduled in order to discuss the clients training plan and individual needs and expectations.
  • Appointments for training can then be scheduled. Neurofeedback should be looked at in the same way as becoming physically fit. It takes many repetitions for behavioral change to become permanent. A twice per week schedule is the standard mandatory minimum needed for change. Most of the time a minimum of 20 sessions needs to be completed in order for symptom reduction to last. Complex conditions requires more than this.